Med Ed Materials

Our Mission

The primary goal of Med Ed Materials is to increase health literacy levels for low income and uninsured populations. To accomplish this goal, Med Ed Materials produces and distributes evidence based healthcare materials with a target readership of low income and uninsured populations. Our core activities include:

  • Producing high quality evidence based materials that are easy to understand and apply

  • Creating materials with topics helpful for our target readership of low income and uninsured populations

  • Posting materials to our website and our iOS app so that anyone may download and use them for free

  • Partnering with clinics and businesses to distribute our materials

  • Giving people interested in improving health literacy a platform to help enact meaningful change

Med Ed Materials started as an idea. After much hard work, Med Ed Materials became a registered 501c3 non-profit corporation in the state of Illinois. Today, we are a small team dedicated to accomplishing the mission stated above: to improve health literacy levels for low income and uninsured populations.


At the core of Med Ed Materials are our volunteers who follow standardized guidelines on poster creation. This ensures that posters are high quality and evidence based. Our volunteers come from various places around the country but all have the same goal in mind: to improve health literacy. Additionally, our board of directors is mostly made of healthcare professionals and works tirelessly to fulfil this goal.

While other companies and organizations may post information online to improve healthcare literacy, there is not one organization that is primarily targeted at producing free print materials for improving health literacy levels in low income and uninsured populations. Many common industry websites are disease based as opposed to being focused on general illness-prevention measures and healthcare resources relevant to low income and uninsured populations. Additionally, many organizations publish a comprehensive web page rather than an easily printable summary of general health-literacy-improving information. This may be because companies may not find producing materials for uninsured or low income populations profitable.


This market gap presents a need in the industry that Med Ed Materials has been able to successfully fill. Med Ed Materials produces healthcare related educational materials that target a different readership than the current large medical information websites with a more simple goal: to improve health literacy for low income and uninsured populations. Additionally, by making all of our materials one page, they are ideal for quick reads in medical practices, businesses, or discharge instructions.

All of our materials are produced by our dedicated team of volunteers. Using up to date research and recommendations, our materials are high quality and evidence based. All materials have at minimum one credible source. To ensure that the most people can benefit from our materials, we provide them free for all to use. Whether you are a patient, office manager, physician, business owner, student, or more, you can download and learn from these materials or place them anywhere in your workplace. In addition, if there is a specific topic that you think the public could benefit from, send us a message in the "Contact" tab on our website and we will look into creating it, free of cost.

Become a Member

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of Med Ed Materials! This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your skills, gain valuable experience in the field, and make a meaningful impact on healthcare education. This is a 100% virtual opportunity, and you will work on your own time to create educational materials. Please fill out this form to become a member. 


Getting Started:

  • Fill out this form and include your preferred contact information
  • Take a look at our website to get an idea of what you will be creating
  • Watch the onboarding video after it is shared and learn how to use Canva and access important files 
  • Set up a meeting with an organization member if you have any further question


Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a dynamic and innovative team that is shaping the future of healthcare literacy. Join us at Med Ed Materials and make a meaningful impact on healthcare education! Tap the button below to fill out the "New Member Form".


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Access all of the materials from our website on your mobile device! Read, screenshot, share, and learn all the information on our posters easily and on the go. All materials are available offline and can be zoomed and panned around. Use the “My Health Goals” to track your progress. Share our materials easily through text, email, and more with a "Share" button. There is also a “Contact” button to get in touch and a “Learn More” button to view the sources of each material. Enjoy!



- Use a personal “My Health Goals” list to track your progress (add, edit, and delete)

- Save health goals that you and your health care provider discuss

- Zoom and scroll functionality to see more of all of our materials

- Offline access for all of our medical educational materials

- Share our materials easily through text, email, and more

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All of our funding is provided through board member yearly dues and charitable contributions. We do not charge dues for general members so anyone can create a poster and improve health literacy. If you are interested in helping fund our organization, we greatly appreciate your contribution. All donations go toward the budget posted to our website. We pay no salaries to any members of any type so you know that your donation has the maximum impact. Consider donating a small amount if you are appreciative of Med Ed Materials. We have partnered with the PayPal Giving Fund to ensure that 100% of your donation reaches our organization. There are no fees collected by PayPal or Med Ed Materials. Thank you for your support! Tap the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page to make a donation.